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I got this awesome idea from Laurient of To The Altar & After to create a long term goal list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days. I have a mile-a-minute kind of brain so without lists and my planner, (I’m a slave to it) I’d be lost. Reading Laurient’s post made me realize a solution to a problem I didn’t even realize I had. That problem is that there are many things (big and small) that I want to do, accomplish and learn but I hadn’t documented them. These aren’t necessarily things that would go in to my daily planner and I don’t keep a long term goal list because I feel it would be discombobulated. How fun is the word “discombobulated,” by the way? Enter: the 101 in 1001 list! I think the whole point of this goal list is for it to essentially be a brain dump of wants and goals.

I’m going to have to take Laurient’s lead here and sub-categorize this list. Let’s not get TOO carried away with the discombobulation here! Organization is sexy. You’ll definitely want to check out Laurient’s 101 in 1001 post to see what she’s accomplished so far! Side note: this took me 2 weeks to get 101. I thought it would be way easier to think of 101 semi-long term goals.

Let’s get started!

101 in 1001 - 101 goals in 1001 days! #goals #bucketlist #girlboss www.testingforthebestthing.com/101-in-1001/

Start date: July, 25, 2016
End date: April 22, 2019

completely furnish our condo (living room curtains, decorate bedroom, living room rug, new coffee table/side table)
purchase and install 2 new light fixtures (den and bedroom)
bake a (fruit) pie from scratch
cook a turkey
host a holiday dinner (Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter)
host a brunch
bake a pumpkin pie from scratch (*canned pumpkin is okay but I’ll make the crust!)
host a dinner party for friends
get a waffle maker. and make waffles. duhh.
get a real, live plant for inside the house (don’t kill it!)
get a barbecue
learn to grill a perfect steak
buy a milk frother and make an amazing latte
start a retirement fund
pay off student loans
pay off car loan
send out Christmas cards
do something really special for a family member
go two weeks with no take out
host a wine tasting party
watch 10 Christmas movies in one season
see a live Christmas play/musical/ballet
purchase a great knife set
purge storage unit
make French Onion soup (one of my favorite foods they I have yet to try to make at home)

travel to a new Caribbean Island
travel to Asia
rent bikes and ride along the Seawall
go on a cruise
go apple picking
carve pumpkins (I don’t actually enjoy carving pumpkins but I want to enjoy the jackolantern post-carving)
watch Hocus Pocus
make a pumpkin pie
have a snowball fight and make a snowman
watch all the Harry Potter movies (I need to watch #5 onward)
have a candlelit dinner date night at home
go on a solo trip with my man (we always go with friends)
go to the Calgary Stampede or (/and!) West Edmonton Mall
take my guy to see the Vikings play
go to a drive-in movie
go on a summer BC getaway
go on a winter BC getaway
hike the Grouse Grind again (but don’t barf at the top)
shoot a gun
visit 5 new local restaurants
go zip lining
jump off a cliff [into a body of water!]
visit a farmer’s market
go to Vegas with my guy (I always do the “Girls Trip” to Vegas)
cook a nice meal start to finish with my guy (he stays pretty from from the kitchen in general)
go on an Okanagan wine tasting tour
do a beer tasting at a brewery
go to a driving range
take my stepdad golfing
host a Pinterest inspired girlie “Sassy Soiree”
make plans with a friend I don’t see often once a month for a year
learn the rules of football!
get a piece of Vikings gear (a girl’s got to support her man’s team!)
visit my Dad’s side of the family at least six times (they’re about 2 hours away)
hike Joffre Park
have family dinner once a month for a year
go ice skating outside on the mountain
watch Full House and Fuller House
go to a baseball game
watch 10 movies of my guy’s choice (we rarely watch movies and they’re usually my pick):

write 100 blog posts
purchase a nice camera
make my first $1.00 profit from the blog
get through my “blogging To Do/To Learn” list
get 10,000 page views on the blog
host a giveaway
host a guest blogger
do a guest post on another blog
read through every article on my “Blogging” Pinterest board
get a pay raise
get a promotion

get engaged
get married
donate blood
register as an organ donor
get a pair of pearl earrings
get a massage
go skinny dipping
lose 20lbs
learn to play chess
win a game of chess
make a list of family and friend’s birthdays *and remember to call!*
celebrate something special with champagne
find a new family doctor
go one week without added white sugar, treats, etc. (fruit is a-okay)
buy a nice pair of jeans
love everything that’s in my closet
complete 30 day squat challenge and 30 day abs challenge
invest in a nice handbag
learn a little bit (more) of Polish
be able to do the splits
buy a Settler’s of Catan expansion pack
figure out how to work my new phone (a dreaded task)
wake up at 5:30am all 5 weekdays for one week
take 50 photos of the people I love in a year (I don’t take enough pictures)
read 100 books (I read A LOT as I commute 2 hours a day)
*Cocktails For Three-Madeleine Wickham
*A Discovery of Witches-Deborah Harkness
*Finding Audrey-Sohpie Kinsella
*Who Do You Love-Jennifer Weiner

2 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. Erin says:

    That is such a cool idea! I might try that. If you don’t mind me asking, now that it’s been 9 months (?), how many have you completed?

    • Amanda says:

      Hey Erin! Thanks for checking out my site! I’m gonna be real with you… Thanks for the reminder! I need to take another look at this post and get crack-a-lackin’!


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