My Elite Blog Academy Experience – Week One

Is Elite Blog Academy really worth the money? Let's see if it made my blog income and traffic increase tremendously, making it well worth $797!-

Okay guys. I took a big leap. I invested in Elite Blog Academy. If you’re not familiar, Elite Blog Academy retails for $797. Yea… That’s a A LOT of money. It’s even more money for a Canadian as our dollar isn’t currently strong against the USD. For me, this course cost about $1070. Ouch. This decision didn’t come easily because to invest $1070 in a “hobby” is a heckload buncha money! So why did I take the plunge? I took the plunge because I didn’t see it as investing in a hobby. I saw it as investing in my future. I thought of it as tuition.

Don’t get me wrong, my tummy was doing flip flops the whole time I was going through the checkout. To be VERY honest… I didn’t really have the money for it. It had to come from a savings account but this is how dedicated I am.

In just 2 days my blog traffic grew by 900%! You NEED to implement these two very simple steps and you are guaranteed to see massive growth!-

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